1. 【lol比赛下注,lol比赛下注平台】皮奥利:打进第二球后我们就松懈了;我和恰尔汗奥卢相互尊重


          After AC Milan defeated Bologna 2-0 at home to get the start of the new Serie A season, Pioli pointed out the team's shortcomings in this game, and also talked about the dissatisfaction after Charhanoglu was replaced.


          "This game actually hides a murderous opportunity. Before we scored the second goal, I liked every aspect of our team's performance, but after that we stopped. The suspense of the game might be reborn. We must stick to our style of play until the end of the game." Pioli said.


          "Victories seem to be a very common thing. Now our team has its own personality. The players are confident. They are all capable players. We also know that we have those who can bring us at any moment of the game. A victorious player. Our team is improving, and so are the new players."


          "Thursday we have to face a very important game, our opponents are very young, they have not lost in 9 months. Let us rest, and then prepare for the next game."


          "Charhanoglu? He was not satisfied when he was replaced. All good players want to score goals, but the coach has to make a decision. We still respect each other, so everything is okay."

          “ Charhanoglu?换人时他并不满意。所有好的球员都想进球,但是教练必须做出决lol比赛下注,lol比赛下注平台定。我们仍然互相尊重,所以一切都很好。”