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    Original title: LOL: ESPN selected the top five S10 mid laners, and Knight ranked first


    As time goes by, the League of Legends S10 global finals will begin soon, and this Friday, September 25th, will officially be the finalists. 22 teams around the world will gather to compete for the highest honor in this year's League of Legends event. Earlier, the foreign media ESPN did a lot of player rankings before the start of the game. In the early morning of September 24, they announced the top five mid laners participating in S10.


    In the ESPN rankings, TES single player Knight ranked first. For the player Knight, domestic and foreign fans and even the commentary have always been more optimistic, but he has not won a big honor before. But this year, TES has won the MSC championship and the LPL Summer Championship one after another, and Knight's performance is obvious to all, and it has always been the thigh of the team. ESPN's evaluation of him is: "Have a deep hero pool, you can choose any hero for the team, you can also use heroes such as Syndra and Clockwork to reverse the unfavorable situation."

    在ESPN排名中,TES单人骑士排名第一。对于球员奈特来说,国内外的球迷甚至评论总是比以往更加乐观,但是他从来没有获得过大的荣誉。但是今年,TES一次又一次赢得了MSC冠军和LPL夏季冠军,而Knight的表现对所有人来说都是显而易见的,并lol比赛下注,lol比赛下注平台且一直是球队的大腿。 ESPN对他的评价是:“拥有丰富的英雄宝库,您可以为团队选择任何英雄,也可以使用Syndra和Clockwork等英雄来扭转不利局面。”

    Ranked second is the DRX team Chovy. What's more interesting is that Chovy and Knight are better friends. One is called the LPL genius mid laner and the other is called the LCK talent mid laner. Although the language is unfamiliar, it does not affect the mutual sympathy between the two. In this year's bubbling game, he was MVP in the three games that DRX won, and ESPN said that they think Chovy also has the strength to rank first.




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