1. 【lol比赛下注,lol比赛下注平台】孔多比亚炮轰瓦伦西亚主席:骗了你的教练,还要骗我


        Tiger Fight, October 16th. In the early hours of this morning, Valencia midfielder Kondobia publicly fired on Valencia chairman Anil Mossi on Instagram: "


        Kondobia's "cheating your coach" refers to Valencia's promise to coach Harvey Gracia this summer that there will be signings, but in the end there was nothing. And "deceive me" refers to Valencia's previous promise to Kondobia that if there is a suitable club, he will let him go.

        Kondobia的“欺骗教练”是指瓦伦西亚在今年夏天向哈维·格拉西亚(Harvey Gracia)教练承诺会签下合同,但最终没有任何签约。 “欺骗我”是指瓦伦西亚先前对科多比亚的承诺,即如果有合适的俱乐部,他将放任他。

        According to previous news, Atletico Madrid hoped to use the transfer exception to sign Kondobia, but Valencia has been asking for a liquidated damages of 30 million euros, which Atletico cannot afford. Atletico Madrid’s transfer window will close on October 20.


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