• lol比赛下注,lol比赛下注平台:晚邮报:苏牙的考试因疫情没有外部监考人员,有人钻了空子


    "Evening Post" recently disclosed more details about the cheating in the Suya exam, and published the phone recordings of Rocca, the president of Perugia University for Foreigners and the person in charge of the Suarez Italian exam.


    In the recording, the principal said: "I talked with Juventus' lawyers, and after Su Ya agreed, they brought the players over."


    The conversation showed that the executives of Perugia University for Foreigners were eager to meet Juventus' demands. "Evening Post" believes that Rocca, the examiner in charge of the Suya exam, took advantage of the fact that other supervisors could not enter the examination room during the epidemic, took advantage of the loopholes, and only examined some of the exam questions that Suya had memorized. The Italian financial police intercepted a PDF file from the university professor Stefania Spina, which Suarez gave to the examiner Rocca. In the end, the examination took place in the principal’s office on September 17, but this was just a formality. The person in charge Rocca also said: "The regulations under the epidemic are just talking about it."

    谈话表明,佩鲁贾外国人大学的高管渴望满足尤文图斯的要lol比赛下注,lol比赛下注平台求。 《晚报》认为负责Suya考试的考官Rocca利用了其他主管在流行期间无法进入考场??这一事实,利用了漏洞,只检查了一些考试问题,苏亚已经记住了。意大利金融警察截取了大学教授Stefania Spina的PDF文件,苏亚雷斯将此文件交给了考官Rocca。最后,考试于9月17日在校长办公室进行,但这只是一个形式。负责人罗卡还说:“流行病的规定只是在谈论它。”