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          In the early morning of September 24th, Beijing time, in the Europa League, Arsenal defeated Leicester City 2-0 and advanced to the fourth round.


          It is worth mentioning that Arsenal has never lost in a domestic cup since Arteta took office: The Tasman led the team to play 6 FA Cup games and won the championship with a complete victory. Community Shield penalty kicks The war defeated Liverpool; this morning's game was the first League Cup led by the Tasman.


          More importantly, since the team lost to Villa on July 22, Arsenal have not failed for two months so far, and have "smoothly" won the FA Cup and the Community Shield.


          After the elimination of the Blue Foxes, the Gunners' opponent in the next League Cup will be the winner between Liverpool and Lincoln City. With a high probability of facing the Red Army, can the Tasman lead the team further? Wait and see!


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