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    Tiger Fighting September 28th In a Premier League game that ended before, Leicester City defeated Manchester City 5-2, harvesting the Premier League opening three consecutive victories. This game also attracted the attention of Lineker. It is worth mentioning that he also posted a number of tweets during the game, praising Fox City's performance.


    Lineker wrote on Twitter: "Valdy's penalty kick is too wonderful!", "Valdy's shot is too perfect, he is great!", "Don't mind admitting, I really love Vardy!

    Lineker在Twitter上写道:“ Valdy的点球太精彩了!”,“ Valdy的射门太完美了,他很棒!”,“别介意,我真的很喜欢Vardy!

    "Wow! Madison's long shot is so shocking!"


    "This game is really crazy. I can't believe what I saw, what a crazy Sunday, Leicester City played a thief!"


    "Oh my God, Leicester City's performance is amazing! 3 games, 12 goals, 9 points, top of the Premier League, crazy."


    "It is worth adding that Rogers’ tactics today are very effective, and this team is great."






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