1. lol比赛下注,lol比赛下注平台|记者:辽足队员讨薪案有望本月开庭;球员希望拿到劳动所得


        Up to now, the problem of wage arrears has not been resolved. The Liao football players have already taken the club to court. According to reporter Zhao Yu, the Liao football players' salary claim case is expected to open this month.


        According to reports, since the disbandment of Liaoning Football Club, the players have not been paid, and these players have been asking for pay. Before the start of the league, some players came to the Liaoning Provincial Sports Bureau to ask for an explanation, but there was no answer, so they took the club to court. Zhao Yu said that according to the player, the court has accepted the case and is expected to start a formal hearing this month.


        Currently, these players have gone to other clubs to play, so even if courts are held this month, it is difficult for these players to be present. Some team members said that their family members will go to the trial scene with their lawyers.


        According to reports, the players said that they now love and hate Liaozu, but in any case they should get their own labor income. Some players said: “Many people have been in arrears with credit cards and mortgages before, and family life is also under certain pressure.” Therefore, after seeking a solution to no avail, they can only take the Liaozu Club to court.


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