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    Since taking office on November 4, 2019, Flick has coached a total of 44 games, achieved 40 wins, 1 tie and 3 losses, with a winning rate of 91%; coaching 9 Champions League games, winning all, with a winning rate of 100%; in all competitions, Scored 4 goals or more in 20 games, accounting for 45%. You are free, anyway, I made this statistical table on my knees!

    自2019年11月4日上任以来,弗里克共执教44场比赛,取得40胜1平3负,胜率达91%;执教9场欧冠比赛,全胜,胜率100%;在所有比赛中,进入20场比赛均进球4个或更多,占45%。 无论如何,您都是自lol比赛下注,lol比赛下注平台由的,我把lol比赛下注,lol比赛下注平台这张lol比赛下注,lol比赛下注平台统计表放在膝盖上!