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    According to a report by Western media "Diario Gol", due to Juventus' ongoing team exchange work, the 35-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo may leave Juventus after the end of the season.


    Ronaldo has started his third season at Juventus, and he still repeats his most familiar job: scoring. The Portuguese forward has played two games and he showed that he is still in his best condition, his musket is still in good condition, and he scored three goals in two games. However, despite this, Ronaldo will not stay in Juventus for long, and Juventus also knows this, so that they may let Ronaldo leave the team after this season.


    Like the previous season, this season is still a perfect start for Ronaldo, which proves that he still yearns for honor at the age of 35, but according to reports, his days in Turin are coming to an end.


    This summer, Juventus officially launched a blood swap to restore the vitality of the team. They sent away several players in their thirties and introduced young and promising young people to replace them. Juventus has already begun a transitional period led by Pirlo.


    The players sent off this season included Pjanic, Matuidi, Higuain and Douglas Costa four senior players, while young players such as Artur and Chiesa were signed.

    本赛季被解雇的球员包括Pjanic,Matiuidi,Higuain和Douglas Costa的四名高级球员,而年轻球员如Artur和Chiesa则签了字。

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