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      Recently Kabak contacted Liverpool again, and the "Mirror" reported that the Red Army was discussing the transfer of the central defender with Schalke. However, the "Echo" denied the authenticity, claiming that such scandals are just the player's agent and Schalke, who is in desperate need of funds, creating momentum.


      This summer window, Kabak has been closely linked with Liverpool. "Echo" said that Van Dijk is injured and Liverpool lacks a central defender. Their connection with Kabak again caused a commotion. This is understandable, but a Liverpool source believes that this is just an energetic agent. People and a team that desperately needs funding are just building momentum.

      今年夏天,卡巴克(Kabak)与利物浦有着密切的联系。 “回声”说范迪克受伤,利物浦没有中央后卫。他们与Kabak的lol比赛下注,lol比赛下注平台联系再次引起了骚动。这是可以理解的,但是利物浦消息人士认为,这仅仅是一个充满活力的代理人。迫切需要资金的人员和团队正在建立动力。

      Reports claim that Liverpool may not choose to re-evaluate the situation of the central defender because they have to continue to adapt to Van Dijk’s absence. "Echos" did not rule out the possibility of the Red Army's winter window signing, but they claimed that Klopp would prefer to introduce well-thought-out players in next summer, instead of recruiting central defenders in January next year.

      报道称,lol比赛下注,lol比赛下注平台利物浦可能不会选择重新评估中央后卫的状况,因为他们必须继续适应范迪克的缺席。 “回声”并没有排除红军冬季签约的可能性,但他们声称,克洛普宁愿在明年夏天引进经过深思熟虑的球员,而不是在明年一月招募中央后卫。

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