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        After the 10-man Juventus drew 1-1 with the promotion of Marco Rotone, Pirlo emphasized that they still need time to continue to work together. In addition, he also expressed his belief that the Bianconeri can continue to defend the Serie A championship.

        十人组成的尤文图斯在Marco Rotone的晋级下以1-1结束后,Pirlo强调他们仍然需要时间继续合作。另外,他还表达了自己的信念,即巴科涅利lol比赛下注,lol比赛下注平台可以继续捍卫意甲冠军。

        "It's a pity that we were sent off in the last two games because of our mistakes, but we are a young team and we still need to run in. The previous international match days did not allow us to practice together." Pirlo said.


        "Young players need to participate in competitions to gain experience. Sometimes they will make some low-level mistakes. This is part of their learning process."


        "We have built a strong team, but we are still in the process of running in, we still need time. The boys will learn from their mistakes, unfortunately that means we may have to take some risks early in the season ."


        "We have very limited training time. Yesterday we had the first training session after the International Match Day. At that time we only spent half an hour practicing tactical running, so our performance will gradually improve."


        "We know very well that there will be many teams competing for the Serie A championship this season. This will be a tough battle. We will fight for every point. We have indeed lost some points, but I am confident that we will again top the list. The position ends the season."


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