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               Lost 10 games first, and then chased 12 games to complete the big reversal. The best script of the WTA season appeared this morning. In the quarterfinals of the Ostrava Open that ended this morning, Sabalenka chased 12 consecutive rounds when trailing 0-6, 0-4 and turned Tomo into the semifinals.

            首先输掉10场比赛,然后追逐12场比赛来完成大逆转。 WTA赛季最好的剧本今天早上出现。在今天早上结束的俄斯特拉发公开赛的lol比赛下注,lol比赛下注平台四分之一决赛中,萨巴伦卡在追赶0-6、0-4时连续追逐了12轮,并将托莫打入了半决赛。

               Against the qualifying player Tomo, the No. 3 seed Sabalenka was completely absent in the first half, and soon fell behind 0-6, 0-4, and almost fell behind 0-5 twice.


            Afterwards, Sabalenka began a big counterattack, winning points frequently, "I just don't want to lose the game with two 0-6." Throughout the game, Sabalenka scored 47 winning points, of which 41 All appeared in the last 12 games. In the end, Sabalenka chased 12 consecutive games, 0-6, 6-4, 6-0 to complete a major reversal.


            "At the time I felt like I was eliminated and I didn't know what to do." Sabalenka said that he only wanted to score a few more winning points. "After a few consecutive winning points, I calmed down. , Try to start the breakthrough with her backhand. This helped me win back, which is a good sign. If I continue to do this, my state will be restored."

            “当时我感到自己被淘汰了,我不知道该怎么办。”萨巴伦卡说,他只想再赢几分。 “在连续赢了几个积分之后,我冷静了下来,尝试用她的反手开始突破。这帮助我赢得了胜利,这是一个好兆头。如果我继续这样做,我的状态将会恢复。”

            This is not the first major reversal for Sabalenka this week. In the second round, she lost 1 set first and finished the reversal when she fell behind 2 to 5 in the final set. In the end, she finished 1 to 6, 7 to 5, 7 to 6 (2) Eliminate the American star Goff.


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