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          Original title: Lao Mi is worried about the risk of allowing spectators to enter the Houston game or not participating


          On October 25, Beijing time, Phil Mickelson felt that participating in the first PGA Tour that allowed fans to enter after the epidemic-the Houston Open-was a bit risky, because this game is only one week away from the Masters. time.

          在北京时间10月25日,菲尔·米克尔森(Phil Mickelson)感到,参加首场允许球迷在这场流行病之后参加的PGA巡回赛-休斯顿公开赛-有点冒险,因为这场比赛距离大师赛只有一周的时间。时间。

          This year's epidemic caused the PGA Tour to be suspended for three months. After the recovery, the PGA Tour has never required fans to enter the stadium. The current November Houston Open announced that 2,000 fans will be admitted daily. Mickelson, who just won his second Evergreen Tour championship back to back, although recognizing the PGA Tour’s health and safety efforts, revealed that he might not participate in the Houston Open because the US Masters is about to start and he doesn’t want to. Take a risk at this time.


          Recently, Dustin Johnson and Adam Scott have tested positive for the virus and withdrew. "Although a few of our golfers tested positive, the virus did not spread. The PGA Tour allows everyone to maintain a good social distance, so even if someone is infected, it will not affect the entire game. PGA Tour I’ve done a good job in security, including the Houston Open, but personally, I don’t want to take any risks one week before the start of the Masters. After all, this is the first game where fans are allowed in. I want to make sure I can participate in the Masters. I may not participate. I still believe that the PGA Tour can guarantee the safety of golfers."

          最近,达斯汀·约翰逊(Dustin Johnson)和亚当·斯科特(Adam Scott)对该病毒呈阳性反应并退出研究。 “尽管我们的一些高尔夫球手测试呈阳性,但该病毒并未传播。PGATour使每个人都能保持良好的社交距离,因此即使有人被感染,也不会影响整个比赛。PGA Tour我已经做了在安全性上做得很好,包括休斯顿公开赛,但就个人而言,我不想在大师赛开始前一周冒险。毕竟,这是第一场允许球迷进入的比赛。我可以参加美国大师赛,但我可能不参加。我仍然相信美巡赛可以保证高尔夫球手的安全。”

          "There were some false positives earlier, which made me very worried and panic. Fortunately, my family and friends are safe and have taken precautions. If there are no spectators in the Charles Schwab Cup Challenge, I guess I will participate. There are spectators in these two games, so I might choose the Houston Open."


          The Schwab Cup tournament will be held at the Phoenix Country Club. 350 members are allowed to wear masks to watch the game, but they can only go to the private area of ??the club hall. Although they can go to the stadium to watch the game, they cannot gather. The Houston Open requires spectators to wear masks and dine in different regions.






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