1. lol比赛下注,lol比赛下注平台_东体:按照协商,自沙拉维离队起申花将不再承担其薪资


        Hupu News on October 1 According to the Shanghai media "Oriental Sports Daily", according to the negotiation between the two parties, Shanghai Greenland Shenhua Club will no longer bear its salary after Shalawei leaves the team.


        According to related reports, Ecuador’s Miller-Bola?os registered this time to replace Sarawi who has returned to China. The club has discussed with the coaching staff before and respected Sarawi’s strong willingness to play for the country. Due to multiple UEFA Europa League games in October and November, Shalawi was unable to return to China in the short term. The club agreed to join the European team on loan to maintain his state. At the same time, according to the negotiation between the two parties, the Greenland Shenhua Club will no longer bear its salary since his departure. The reason why Jin Xinyu's foreign aid quota is retained is to observe his recovery from injuries in preparation for the possible AFC Champions League.


        In addition, the Shenhua club introduced two Ecuadorian players at a lower price to replace two relatively high-paid players, which is in line with the requirements of the Chinese Football Association to return to rational investment in football. We expect that through the joint efforts of the club, Shenhua can continue to use relatively reasonable and rational investment to achieve relatively ideal results, in order to return the love of the community and the majority of Shenhua fans to the team.


        On October 18th, Shenhua will usher in the first opponent of the second stage of SIPG. The number of foreign aids currently does not prevail. Therefore, the team has also accelerated the pace of signings, and Bolanos also belongs to Players who are here to fight. I believe that after joining, he will, like Martinez, who came to the team before him, adapt to the league as soon as possible to help Shenhua achieve better results.